**Kittens can go home at 10-12 weeks of age. When 2 are going home together, they can go home at 10 weeks. (That period of time between 10-12 weeks of age is
when a kitten learns how to socialize with other cats).

**Kittens come with age appropriate vaccinations, wormed and litter box trained.  

**Kittens are sold either SPAYED or NEUTERED or with a very strongly worded Spay/Neuter contract which states all kittens MUST be altered by the age of 6
months.   (
ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED as to why your kitten hasn't been altered unless the kitten has been sold as a
breeder/show quality and it has been clearly stated in the contract. This sounds harsh but I am simply looking out for the welfare of my kittens).

**The adoption fee for pet quality kittens start at $975(occasionally less) and you can choose to have your kitten altered through my veterinarian for $90 before
going home or have the surgery done by your own veterinarian.
** A $200 deposit holds a kitten for you until it is ready to go home. At this point, your deposits become non refundable since I am then holding this particular
kitten for you.  The balance is then due at pick up.

**Cash is preferred at pickup but can accept PayPal, Credit cards (through Paypal) and also PayPal Credit. There is a 5% additional fee for all forms of payment
other than cash. (Other than the initial $200 deposit)   I'm sorry, but the Paypal charges and Bank check cashing fees have
really added up on me!  A single kitten
can cost me $50 and up just in fees!!  I DO NOT accept personal checks or money orders at kitten pickup.

**I am willing to do a payment plan  but the final payment must be made by kitten pickup.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  832-677-1875.(Liz)
Thank you for visiting us!  We hope to hear from you!

Kazodolls Ragdoll Kittens!
(pronounced Kaz-OH-dolls)
"Raised with Love"

Raising quality, TICA registered kittens near
near Houston, Texas since 2005
**We are expecting a litter Dec 10th, 2018***

***No available kittens at this time***

Read below for kitten adoption information and
pictures of available kittens.  If there aren't pictures, please text me
and I'll send you pictures.

This page last updated 11/24/2018

*Parents are tested for (at least) HCM, FeLV & FIV,
** Many are also tested for PKD and PRA, MPS VI
To Reserve a Kitten:
PLEASE CALL OR TEXT  832-677-1875 (LIZ)

There are a lot of Untruths out there concerning Mink Ragdolls so, as a 12 year breeder of Ragdolls, here are some facts for you;
1.   Mink Ragdolls ARE Recognized and Registered by TICA.  (The International Cat Association).   
2.  Mink Ragdolls ARE "pointed" cats.  (Read up on what being a pointed cat means if you are not familiar with the term)
3.  Mink Ragdolls ARE just as sweet, wonderful and "Raggy" as "Traditional" Ragdolls.  Traditional Ragdolls refer to the color/patterns; Seal Point, Blue Point, Seal
Bicolor, Blue Bicolor, etc....
4.  Mink Ragdolls ARE NOT ruining the Ragdoll Breed.  Quite the contrary, they are helping make it a healthier breed again.  In-breeding (or more commonly called
"Line Breeding" in Ragdoll show breeder circles) is how these gorgeous cats came to be.  This is also how genetic anomalies like HCM, PKD AND MPS VI come to be
an issue in a breed.  Other issues are allergies, sensitivities,  etc.  
5.  With my Veterinary Technician background,  I'll take a healthier bloodline with the same sweet, gentle disposition and gorgeous looks of Ragdoll with the added
bonus of some beautiful colors!  
6.  As for NON-POINTED RAGDOLLS i.e.  White, Black, Tabby, Red, any mixture of the fore-mentioned colors, etc......These variations may or may not have the
coveted Ragdoll disposition, "RAGGINESS", and puppy like qualities.  Do  your homework if you are looking for a Ragdoll that is a non Traditional color.  Be sure to
meet the parents of the kitten you are interested in.

Please call or text me at 832-677-1875 (Liz) so we can talk about what you are looking for, what I
expect of potential owners, etc.
Leave me a message and I'll call you back.  I try very hard to contact every single person who calls
or texts me.  If it's been a couple of days since you've called and I haven't called you back,
PLEASE call or text again.