Kazodolls Ragdolls


JamilasRagdolls Traegar of Kazodolls
"Traegar" is a Blue Mink
Bicolor Pattern
His name means "Guardian".  
Thank you to Jamila at Jamilas Ragdolls
for this handsome man!
Male Ragdoll Cats
WitsRags Finns World of Kazodolls.
"Phinnegan or Finley" is a
Seal Point Mitted Pattern.
Phinnegan was our only stud until the
Spring of 2014.  
Finley's coat looks short in this picture
which isn't the case.
He is a large boned, gorgeous Ragdoll
with an exceptionally sweet personality
and deep blue eyes.  
Kazodolls Sweet Baby Sage
is a Seal Point Mitted
Kazodolls Onalee
Blue Point Mitted
PoshRagdolls Luka of Kazodolls
Seal Mink Bicolor
The name Luka means Light!
Luka will, hopefully, be a future king.  Look for
kittens from him summer of 2018.  Thank you to
Nancy at Posh Ragdolls for this gorgeous boy!
Kazodolls Saschas Sweet Sarah
Seal Mink Mitted
Born 2-5-17
Sarah is a future Queen.  Not only
is she gorgeous, she is also very
sweet and funny!
Kazodolls Saschas Sweet Violet
Seal Mink Mitted
Kazodolls Camille
Blue Lynx Point Mitted
WitsRags Sascha of Kazodolls
Seal Point Mitted