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Kazodolls Ragdolls!
"Raised with love"  since 2005
Ragdoll Kittens Houston TX
Ragdoll Cats Houston TX
Welcome to Kazodolls Ragdolls of Houston, TX!  We are happy you have
chosen to visit our site, here's a little bit about us (Liz & Jack):
We fell in love with Ragdoll cats in the mid 1990's when we adopted a
Blue Lynx Point Bi-color, named Chloe. I have been a loyal Ragdoll
"subject" ever since. Here's Chloe below at about 8 months old.

Around 2001,  while working as a Veterinary Technician in The
Woodlands, TX,  I met a Ragdoll breeder whose kittens were just the
most beautiful and sweet kittens I had ever seen.  By 2004, I decided I
could use my extensive experience in the veterinary field to breed
these sweet, loving, exquisite cats and could do it in a responsible way
to perhaps break the age-old stereotype that "breeders are bad".
We started with just two Ragdolls that we named KitKat and Lazlo. We
took a part of each of their names to come up with our cattery
name...."Kazodolls"!  This is a picture of Kit and Lazlo together, asthey
loved each other very much.

Browse through our site and feel free to contact us via email or by
phone at 832-677-1875.  If you do not see the Ragdoll kitten for sale
that you are looking for or have any questions, we will do our best to
answer them.  

Our Kazodolls Ragdoll kittens are kept in our air conditioned home, and
receive constant love and affection. We are a TICA registered cattery
located about 30 miles north of Houston, in Oak Ridge North, Texas
77386. As members of TICA and their "Responsible Breeders Program"
, we pride ourselves on being ethical breeders, producing only the
highest quality Ragdoll kittens for sale, for both show and as pets.